About us


“A good sales manager is the key driver of success for a sales organization”


The brand SalesTalents in Hungary was founded by Gabor Hamsik, specialist of search, selection and development of sales people and sales managers.

In what SalesTalents is different compared to another consulting/recruitment firms?

  • Designed specifically for search, selection and development of commercial (sales and marketing) professionals and leaders.
  • The company’s managing director and senior consultant Gabor Hamsik gained nearly 20 years of experience at multinational companies in various sales, marketing and business development leadership positions. During his career beside managing and building successful sales teams in Hungary and Central Europe, he had nurtured talents to sales management roles. He has replaced his commercial director position to own consultancy firm.
  • Gábor exactly understands who a sales person or manger is. Based on his experience he is aware why one is good or bad to another.

The sport always played also an important role in the life of Gabor. He was soccer coach for six years for junior and senior teams in Hungary and in Sweden. In recent years however, he turned to racquet sports and today he is also the president of the Hungarian Racketlon Federation.

The performance of sales people and sales managers largely and directly affect the company’s revenues and earnings. An inappropriate sales person in today competitive business environment is a such luxury which cannot be afforded.


Trust and outsource the recruitment and development of your future sales people/manager to someone who really understands the process.


The rest of the TEAM who drive the SalesTalent brand forward

Lukács Péter, SalesTalents
Péter Lukács
senior consultant

Peter has nearly 20 years of B2B sales experience, from which he spent 10 years in different commercial management positions. Beside his basic chemical graduation, he gained a Bachelor’s degree in human resources at the University of Szent István in Hungary.

In addition to his professional skills gained in the chemical industry he has significant experience also in the area of environmental protection and waste management.

During his career he has built sales teams, selected and recruited different sales people and adopted them later to the team which he had been managing.

Végh Péter, SalesTalents
Péter Végh
senior consultant

Peter has been acting as a professional headhunter in the last 12 years now, from which he spent 7 years at a well-known Hungarian recruitment firm as a division manager.

He is a specialist of industrial, energy and engineering positions with extended network in these areas.

While he spends most of his time in England beside the research of sales professionals he is also supporting Hungarian companies with their business development in the UK.

Csaplár Barnabás
Barnabás Csaplár
senior consultant, sales trainer

Barnabas has a degree in chemistry but worked very short in the chemical industry.

Beside he had spent 15 years in sales director and 4 years in managing director positions whereof most of them are related to the FMCG sector, he has also gained more than 10 years of experience as a HR and training consultant/advisor.

His motto: do not recommend pure product, but solutions! To this you need to know the needs! Or generated the needs!

Péter Andrea, SalesTalents
Andrea Péter
sales associate

Andrea has been working more than 30 years in sales and marketing. She holds a degree in business communication with the specialty of marketing and now she is under way to finish her master diploma at the Metropolitan University.

She gained her experiences at several national television companies and also been working for a multinational retail chain.

Bakai Zsóka, SalesTalents
Zsóka Bakai
sales trainer and coach

After 20 years of sales experience Zsóka exactly knows how to fight on the field. With a salescoach specific mindset she coaches and teaches sales professionals mainly in smaller group sessions.

She has gained her sales and sales management experiences particulary in the media segment but also knows the sales finesses of the FMCG sector.

She is a devoted beliver in a continous change and that we need to adopt accordinly. Her mission is to familiarize and endear the challenging and always changing environment in sales with small and medium sized company owners.